Thursday, April 27, 2006

I like to travel but as my income does not allow long way trips I am used to travel at the expense of somebody.
Recently I visited Cyprus. I spent two weeks in a fantastic villa with a view over the sea. Reservation has been made through the web-site of Cyprian Travel agency
All Cyprus hotels. I enjoyed the hospitality and kidn attitude by the staff of this company. I will certainly avail of their service for my further trips to Cyprus. I made lots of photos and the most substantial of them inserted here:

the hotel we stayed at

My trip was paid by a nice guy, whom I met in Cyprus. We were waiting until his parents went in a cruise in Europe. Here is the view from our room:

Cyprus has something similar with Greece, may be people.

But I prefer more active rest. I like the nature to spur the senses. But in Cyprus it is dead-alive. It is enough to look at the photos - in the middle of the season no people on the beach and very few hazard to go out to the pool or to the restaurant.

May be it is because of the heat. Or may be people themselves used to level life.
I hope to visit Greece and China to meet people and to learn many things about they way of life and real values.